"Portsmouth Music Service has brought together a team of dedicated and highly skilled music professionals and educators. Our aim is to bring out the best in young people, and to give them the opportunities to develop a life-long passion for music and culture."

Sue Beckett

Head of Portsmouth Music Service

Aims and Vision

Key Aims of the Music Service are:

  • working in partnership with music providers and organisations throughout the region through Portsmouth Music Hub to build a secure foundation for music and music education in Portsmouth
  • raising attainment in curriculum, instrumental and vocal music
  • accelerating progress for learners in and through music
  • supporting all learners to reach their full potential in and through music
  • improving the climate for learning in and through music
  • providing opportunities for support and development of talented musicians
  • developing the professional learning community
  • nurturing a passion and enjoyment for music that extends into life-long learning and participation


Working in partnership with schools and Portsmouth Music Hub Partners, the Music Service aims to ensure that every young person and family has access to excellent musical provision, improving outcomes for all. This will be achieved through:

  • ensuring that all children are reached, including the most vulnerable, through personalised learning approaches that take into account individual starting points and interests thereby increasing enjoyment of school, closing gaps in achievement and ensuring children and young people reach their potential
  • using information systems to target intervention and support where it is most needed and using data to continually improve the quality of the service delivery
  • actively seeking, listening and acting on feedback from children, young people, families, schools, staff and members of the community
  • providing a comprehensive music information, advice and guidance service for children, young people, parents and learners
  • making an effective and significant contribution to the achievement of the Children and Young People’s Plan, and contributing to the priorities and targets for the City Council and the Local Strategic Partnership

The Music Service values the views of all learners, parents, carers, schools, staff and other stakeholders. If you have any feedback, suggestions or ideas please contact us so we can act on your feedback.


  • Whole class instrumental teaching
  • Instrumental and vocal teaching
  • Music curriculum teaching and PPA teaching
  • Instrumental and vocal ensembles
  • Courses, networking meetings and training for schools and adults
  • Concerts to showcase young people's musical talents
  • Large scale concerts and events for children and young people

In addition to these services, Portsmouth Music Service works in partnership with organisations across the city to provide:

  • Music for city events and celebrations
  • Community events and choirs
  • Advice to parents and the community

Additional services can also be commissioned from Portsmouth Music Service and these include:

  • Individual, small group and whole class teaching for children and adults
  • Bespoke training
  • Music workshops
  • Corporate training
  • Music events

For full information about the services available and how young people and the community can access these services, please contact Sue Beckett, Head of Portsmouth Music Service on 023 9237 5655.