About Portsmouth Music Hub

Portsmouth Music Hub is a dynamic partnership committed to enhancing and enriching music education through creativity, achievement and inspiration.


  • To provide high quality music education and support for children, young people and learners in and around the diverse Portsmouth community
  • To inspire all young people to sing and play a musical instrument, developing their talent through progressive performance pathways
  • To promote high achievement through diverse partnerships
  • To transform lives through music and cultural engagement


  • To reach all sectors of children and young people, including the hard to reach and those in challenging circumstances, inspiring and enriching their lives through music and cultural activities
  • To work with all schools and strategic partners to deliver the Schools Music Education Plan
  • To reflect the musical diversity of Portsmouth’s community and to celebrate musical and cultural achievement for children and young people across the city
  • To build sustainable pathways to nurture musical talent encouraging children and young people to access and participate in a range of targeted musical and cultural learning programmes
  • To provide opportunities for musical excellence to flourish through maximising the potential of collaborative working with partner organisations
  • To promote innovation, creativity and achievement in music and cultural activities, supporting all children and young people to achieve their potential

Portsmouth Music Hub will carry out the core and extension roles identified in the NPME, delivering the School Music Education Plan as follows:

Core Roles

  • Ensure that every child aged 5 - 18 has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through whole-class ensemble teaching for a minimum of a term of weekly tuition

  • Provide opportunities to play in ensembles and perform from an early stage: i.e. from age 5

  • Ensure that clear progression routes are available and affordable to all children and young people

  • Develop a singing strategy to ensure that every pupil sings regularly and that choirs/vocal ensembles are available in the area.

Extension Roles

  • Offer Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to school staff, particularly in supporting schools to deliver music in the curriculum

  • Provide an instrument loan service, with discounts or free provision for those on low incomes

  • Provide access to large-scale and / or high quality music experiences for pupils, working with professional musicians and / or venues. This may include undertaking work to publicise the opportunities available to schools, parents/carers and students.

In addition to these roles, PMH will:

  • work in partnership with other public and private sector organisations
  • broaden the opportunities and maximize the potential through collaborative partnership working
  • seek to generate additional income to further extend musical opportunities for children and young people in Portsmouth and to cover the full management and administrative costs of the Hub 

Hub Partners

The Lead Hub Partner is Portsmouth Music Service.

  • Partners in the Hub have expressed a commitment to supporting the mission and goals of the Hub and to enhancing music and music education for 5 - 18 year olds
  • Partners provide services that are complementary and do not conflict with the services provide by other Partners in the Hub
  • Partners do not pay to be part of the Hub and contribute in-kind support.  There is no expectation that Partners will receive direct funding from the Hub, although services may be commissioned if they are required to fulfill the core and extension roles and complement the other services available
  • Partners work together to enhance opportunities for children and young people and to support the opportunities that individual organisations are providing

If you believe your organisation can play a central role in the Hub that is not provided by another Partner Organisation, please contact the Hub office for further information.  Partner applications may need to be taken to the next Board Meeting for approval.

Quality Principles

Portsmouth Music Hub embraces Arts Council England's Quality Principles in its work, as follows:

1.    Striving for excellence and innovation

  • Portsmouth Music Hub has a clear vision and strives for excellence in all its work, providing high quality teaching, musical leadership, opportunities and innovative experiences in music and the arts
  • The Hub works effectively with a broad range of partners to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and young people

2.    Being authentic

  • The Hub partners offer authentic opportunities to support children and young people across the city to embrace and experience cultural and musical activities
  • Children and young people are enabled to develop artistic skills and understanding through engaging with the Hub's cultural offer

3.    Being exciting, inspiring and engaging

  • To engage children and young people the Hub offers a wide range of exciting and inspiring opportunities for children and young people
  • Young people are involved in the process of identifying opportunities that interest and excite them
  • Personal skills including self-esteem and self-motivation are developed and enhanced through engagement with the Hub's offer

4.    Ensuring a positive and inclusive experience

  • All children and young people have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of cultural and musical activities
  • Effective communication with the young people and a flexible approach enables the Hub to embrace inclusion

5.    Actively involving children and young people

  • Hands-on experiences are central to the Hub's engagement of children and young people
  • The Hub expects active participation from children, young people and adults with whom it engages
  • The Hub provides interactive concerts and recitals where young audiences engage with professional musicians and artists

6.    Enabling personal progression

  • Young people's needs, ideas and achievements are at the heart of the Hub's vision
  • If an appropriate opportunity for a child does not exist, the Hub works with the school and parents to meet the needs of the child
  • Progressive pathways can be found for all children and young people through the broad range of Hub partners

7.    Developing belonging and ownership

  • Young people are involved in all aspects of the Hub's offer and they are actively consulted about their ideas, suggestions and feedback
  • Children and young people are encouraged to take pride in the performances in which they engage and the song compositions to which they contribute ideas
  • The Hub strives to ensure that all children and young people are enriched and motivated by a sense of ownership as they engage with the Hub's activities

Hub Sponsors

Portsmouth Music Hub offers commercial organisations a high profile opportunity to reach a focussed market and show their support for music in the area.

Sponsors’ profiles appear on the main Hub website and organisations can submit news and information for publication.