A talented young musician from Portsmouth Music Hub's Wind Bands has received a special financial award from the Milton Glee Club to help advance his musical studies.

Ethan Bailey, aged 14, attends Priory School in Southsea and plays the saxophone. He's been learning the instrument since the age of 7, and has performed in concerts at school and with the Music Hub's Wind Band.

Ethan, who also sings and plays the drums, has developed an interest in musicals, with all their excitement and variety, and his current inspiration is the American jazz musician and entertainer Fats Waller. He hopes to go on and enjoy a career in musical theatre and performance.

On hearing the news of the Award Sue Beckett, CEO of Portsmouth Music Hub said: "We're delighted that Ethan has been recognised for his outstanding efforts; this Award really is inspirational, and we're grateful to the Milton Glee Club, who are making such an incredible contribution to the future of our young musicians. They are paving the way for a generation of talented performers who will contribute so much to the cultural fabric of our community."


As part of Portsmouth Music Hub's brand new early years initiative, Musicing Around!, all Portsmouth infant schools and early years settings will receive free music resources that raise awareness to environmental issues. All Schools with children 0 - 5 in Portsmouth will be offered a free workshop which will explore environmental issues through a newly commissioned workshop delivered by specialist music practitioners. These workshops will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Within each workshop children will be told the story of Graham the Seagull and the many ways in which he can help save the environment. Interspersed with songs and music making, these environmental themed workshops will be a truly interactive experience for young children. Musicing Around is a brand new initiative by Portsmouth Music Hub, which aims to deliver interactive workshops, concerts and musical experiences to young children 0-5, in Portsmouth, to develop core skills and enjoy music making.

What we'll deliver:

• Provide free music resources to all Portsmouth early years settings

• Deliver 20 workshops to early years settings

• Raise awareness of environmental issues through music and stories

Why it's a great idea:

Portsmouth Music Hub are excited to present this environmental element of their new initiative Musicing Around! This initiative will help the Hub deliver core musical skills and provisions to an educational area not usually covered by the Hub's funding. Set against the backdrop of one mischievous seagull, early years children will experience interactive music-making as well as learning about other social subjects such as how to treat the world around them.

Steps to get it done:

• Commissioning new resources to be offered to each early years setting

• Produce resources pack for participating schools

• Offer 20 workshops to early years settings

All Portsmouth Schools with children 0-5 including schools with nursery units, will receive access to free resources. These schools will also be given the opportunity to book one of 20 one-hour workshops for their school. Schools will be able to sign up to these workshops via an online booking system and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, dependent on availability. Portsmouth Music Hub are not currently funded to provide provisions for Early Years, therefore this project will allow the Hub to extend its current provision. The workshops will be delivered through additional staffing hours.

Musicing Around is underway with a range of events and concerts coming up at schools across the city.    Check back soon to find out more.

Musicing Around is underway with a range of events and concerts coming up at schools across the city.

Check back soon to find out more.


Despite the weather more than a thousand primary-aged children from across Portsmouth schools came together on Thursday (26 September) to spread a little sunshine on BBC Music Day.

They were at Portsmouth's Guildhall to enjoy a spectacular performance from the nationally acclaimed Jive Aces Swing Band.

During an hour-long performance from the Band, which included a 'feet-playing' pianist and a double bass thrown through the air, the children danced and clapped along to unforgettable songs including The Bare Necessities, In The Mood, I Wanna Be Like You and Jump Jive and Wail.  

Wearing their unforgettable yellow suits the Jive Aces joined the children after the show to perform the Morecombe and Wise classic hit Bring Me Sunshine. It was a lively performance was Portsmouth's contribution to BBC Music Day, a national event that takes place each year to celebrate the power of music and the impact it has on all our lives.

After the Jive Aces show Sue Beckett, CEO of Portsmouth Music Hub, said: "The children have had a wonderful morning, not only have they enjoyed a truly spectacular show from the Jive Aces, but they raised the roof with an uplifting rendition of Bring Me Sunshine. BBC Music Day reminds us all that music matters, that it enriches lives and fires up the imagination, and for everyone involved today those messages have been celebrated in style."

The Jive Aces concert also marked the launch of Portsmouth Music Hub's new campaign called Musicing Around. It's an initiative to take music and song to the very youngest in our community.

Sue Beckett said: "Musicing Around is an ambitious campaign to give Early Years children the opportunity to experience live music, many of them for the very first time. We'll be taking workshops and live music into schools, there will be concerts, films, songs and stories, bringing an exciting mix of music and cultural magic to unlock the imaginations of our newest generation.'

To find out more about Musicing Around visit and to support the campaign with a much valued contribution visit


Children from across Portsmouth will come together to celebrate BBC Music Day in style when they join The Jive Aces Swing Band for a special performance of Bring Me Sunshine on the steps of the Guildhall.


BBC Music Day, on Thursday 26 September, is a national day of music-making with concerts and special events taking place across the country, and this year the children of Portsmouth will bring their own magical performance to the heart of the city.


Sue Beckett, CEO of Portsmouth Music Hub, said: "BBC Music Day is going to be an amazing occasion for the children of Portsmouth. Not only will they have the opportunity to see Jive Aces on stage inside the Guildhall, but they'll be joining them outside for a spectacular performance. It will also mark the moment when the Music Hub launches a new initiative called Musicing Around, which aims to inspire very young children to enjoy and participate in music and cultural activities. This will be the start of an exciting year."


The Jive Aces came to national attention in 2012, performing on Britain's Got Talent before taking to the stage in front of Her Majesty the Queen at a special Jubilee concert the same year. Their unbeatable brand of music and entertainment, and their unforgettable yellow suits have made them a 'must-see' musical moment for concert-goers across the country.


Be part of the magic and enjoy Jive Aces and more than 1200 young singers for a performance of Bring Me Sunshine for BBC Music Day on the Guildhall steps at 11.15am on Thursday 26 September.


Portsmouth Music Hub's young musicians brought the curtain down on another year of exceptional music-making during a special Ensembles concert which took place at Castle Primary School last night (16 July).

For the many young performers, at different ages and musical abilities, it was an opportunity to come together and showcase their developing skills and their passion for music. There was an exciting mix of music, ranging from Amy Winehouse to the Beatles to Schubert, and the packed auditorium of friends, families and members of the public had a night to remember with performances from the Music Hub's rock bands, orchestra and concert band.

The final song of the night was performed by the entire cast of children and young people. One World has become the anthem for a unique environmental campaign which has been running since September 2018. The One World campaign has harnessed the power of music and the arts to inspire thousands of children from across the city to take action to save and protect the environment. This final performance, with the sound of enthusiastic young voices raising the roof, was a fitting way to an end a sensational year of music education and creative opportunities for children and young people in Portsmouth.

Sue Beckett, CEO of Portsmouth Music Hub said after the concert: "The dedication and the pride of the young musicians performing tonight is a reminder to us all that creativity and culture makes a huge impact on children and young people. Music plays a part in all our lives, it breaks down barriers and brings people together, it fires up the imagination and helps us learn, grow and develop the skills and confidence to step out into the world and make a positive contribution. Tonight has been a celebration of all that is best in a new generation of musicians."

Portsmouth Music Hub offers a range of exciting ensembles throughout the academic year. With professional tuition in an engaging, friendly environment the ensembles offer children and young people the chance to meet, play and perform. To find out more email


It may have been a long year for the team at Portsmouth Music Hub, with concerts, events, ensembles, and a city-wide environmental campaign, but in the final few weeks of term the Music Hub have been out and about, taking a series of exciting workshops to more than 1500 children from schools across the city.

Junk Percussion workshops have been taking place at 10 schools, reaching children at various stages of education and musical appreciation. Using a range of household items, including empty water cooler bottles, broom handles and buckets, children have been encouraged to develop musical skills, appreciate beat and rhythm, and have fun making sounds in a relaxed environment at the end of a long summer term.

Supported by the teachers from the Music Hub Catherine Brentnall who led the workshops said: "Children from across the city have had a wonderful time experimenting with sounds and they've been endlessly surprised by what can be created with nothing more than a broom handle or bucket. Junk percussion brings down barriers, everyone can do it, and for many children musical instruments and creativity suddenly don't feel so intimidating. Junk percussion is a less than traditional approach, but it gives children the freedom to play, perform and develop a connection with sound and creativity that may lead them to traditional music-making."

With funding from Hornpipe Theatre Company the Music Hub team have also been holding a series of workshops for Early Years, Nursery and Reception aged children.

'Play Clap and Sing' brought an exciting range of songs to young children. The songs included games and actions, and the aim of the workshops has been to inspire children to work together, to develop communication skills, counting skills for maths, and to socialise positively and effectively with each other. 'Play, Clap and Sing' has been created to be fun, to be engaging and to inspire the very youngest to begin a journey with music that will continue throughout their education and beyond.

The 'Play, Clap and Sing' workshops have been filmed for future use by teachers across the UK. To find out more about the film please e-mail

Born to be wild!

Rock is unbeatable. It's more than a passing fashion, and it's not a quiet night out. Rock is rebellion. Rock is passion. Rock is the heart pounding sound of a guitar solo. It's a sense of belonging to something; a community much larger than you think. Rock is emotion. Rock is dynamic, and Rock is the twist, the shout and the thrill of being part of a moment you'll never forget.


On Wednesday (3 July) Rock the Rooms lived up to its name as young people from across the city came together with guitars, bass and drums, powerful voices and unforgettable performances that shook the room and left the audience wanting more.

With music from the Beatles, Ed Sheeran, the Artic Monkeys and Nirvana, Rock the Rooms is a regular feature at Portsmouth's Wedgewood Rooms, and a chance for a new generation of young performers to take the stage.


Musicians from Portsmouth Grammar School, Castle View Academy, Admiral Lord Nelson School, Charter Academy, Trafalgar School and Portsmouth Music Hub's very own Warrior and Victory Rock Bands gave electric performances to an audience that danced the night away.

To find out more about Portsmouth Music Hub's Rock Bands click here