World Song Festival


Priory School hosted the city's first World Song Festival on Thursday 12 October. The festival involved approximately 120 pupils from Cliffdale Primary Academy, College Park Infant, Cottage Grove Primary and St. John's Cathedral Catholic Primary joining together to celebrate cultural diversity.

Led by vocal specialist Emily Barden, the morning began with pupils learning an African welcome song before each school performed a song of their choice. Cliffdale sang 'Umbuntu', an African song about unity, accompanied by djembes. Cottage Grove pupils sang 'South Australia' and St. John's performed the gospel song 'Jericho', before College Park brought us home again by performing 'It's Portsmouth' by one of the Music Hub's award winning composers, Patrick Nicholls.


Emily then taught them two new songs celebrating the world and the part that we all play in shaping its future - 'Sunshine' and 'Be the Change', focusing on harmony and singing in parts. Elizabeth McAndrew from Cliffdale showed everybody how to accompany their singing with sign language, and some pupils dressed up in colourful costumes from around the world. 

Zach, a Year 1 pupil, said "It was brilliant singing with so many people and I really enjoyed learning the new songs".