Rocking Recorders!

Almost 100 children from Portsmouth schools came together for a Recorder Festival held at Northern Parade Infant School. The primary-aged children rehearsed all morning and at the end of the morning they performed a concert for parents, with pieces including 'Samba', 'Caribbean Carnival' and the children's favourite 'Let's Rock'.

The children performed as a massed recorder ensemble with different parts played by the more advanced players. They also had the opportunity to hear six different sized recorders played, from the tiny garklein flautlein to the large bass recorder.

Sue Beckett, CEO of Portsmouth Music Hub said: "Festivals like this enable children to experience playing in a large instrumental group and is the foundation for them joining a band orchestra later on in their musical journey. The children's enthusiasm was infectious and the audience were very pleasantly surprised at the quality of sound and the standard of playing in the concert."

At the end of the Recorder Festival Matthew Roons, aged 8, said: "Today has been exciting and fun, and I loved seeing all the different sizes of recorder. The best song was 'Recorder Rock' - it was very cool and I loved it!"