On Thursday 5 July 2018 the NHS turned 70, and Portsmouth Music Hub celebrated the occasion by training a further 500 pupils in the lifesaving skill of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) using their award winning publication, 'It's CPR'.

With five original songs that explain step by step how to perform CPR, written at the speed that is necessary for giving chest compressions - 100-120 beats per minute - 'It's CPR' has been used to train thousands of pupils in Portsmouth and beyond. Songs such as 'Keep That Heartbeat' and 'CPR Rap' are fun, catchy and memorable, reinforcing the facts about what to do in an emergency and providing pupils with a simple way of ensuring that chest compressions are performed at the appropriate rate.


Under the guidance of the CPR Team, pupils at Copnor Primary and Cottage Grove Primary enjoyed singing the songs, practising their CPR skills on dummies and performing chest compressions in time with the music.

Sue Beckett, CEO of Portsmouth Music Hub, said “We are delighted that thousands of young people have been trained this term using the nationally acclaimed award-winning songs from 'Its CPR'. Huge thanks to our fantastic training team but most of all, congratulations to the young people for their determination, concentration and enthusiasm in learning life-saving skills.”