1500 Voices Save the Planet

The BBC were in Portsmouth on Friday 28 September to film 1500 local children singing about the environment for BBC Music Day.

This was Portsmouth's contribution to the BBC's national celebration of music that takes place all over country.

The children, aged 6 - 16, performed the 'One World' anthem on the Guildhall steps for the BBC cameras. The song, created by Portsmouth Music Hub's award-winning team of composers, reminds us all that we have to take care of our planet, and that changes we make to the way we live our lives can have a huge impact on the environment. Portsmouth Music Hub's recently launched environmental campaign will hold events throughout the year, including art and poetry competitions, special drama productions in schools, social media campaigns and in June there will be major concert at the Guildhall, with performances from local children to celebrate World Environment Day 2019.

Sue Beckett, Chief Executive of Portsmouth Music Hub, who led the children's choir, said: "The children have had an amazing experience and we've all been excited to be part of the BBC's Music Day. We're really pleased that the BBC decided to be part of our special event and to film the children performing our One World anthem, it really has helped us to communicate our important environmental message, that the children of Portsmouth will change our world one song at a time."

Prior to the BBC filming the children had the chance to see YolanDa Brown, the UK's premiere female saxophonist perform her stunning stage show inside the Guildhall. YolanDa has toured all over the world and presented on BBC Radio 2 and SKY. She is soon to have her own show on CBBC and has recently been appointed as Chair of Youth Music, a national charity that promotes music-making for children in difficult circumstances. Speaking after the BBC filming YolanDa said:

"I know the impact music can have on all our lives. It doesn't matter who we are or where we come from, we can all create, compose and enjoy great music. As Chair of Youth Music I've seen at first hand the power of music to inspire confidence, self-respect and a passion for creativity that will last a lifetime.

After the concert inside the Guildhall YolanDa and her band performed with the children on the Guildhall steps, all of them singing Portsmouth Music Hub's 'One World' song for the BBC cameras. YolanDa went on to say: "Portsmouth Music Hub shares a commitment to give every child, no matter what their personal background, the opportunity to learn, create and achieve, and they encourage every child to believe in themselves. Music Hubs around the country share that dedication and it's a privilege and a pleasure to be making my contribution to inspirational music and culture in Portsmouth. BBC Music Day is a day of talent, creativity and inspiration, and it reminds us all that music has the power to change our communities and the world."


Portsmouth Music Hub have launched a new film that aims to encourage us all to think about the impact that our actions have on the environment.

Nurdles are pre-production pellets. They are used by industry to create the products we all use every day. If these small pieces of plastic are spilt or mishandled they can have a devastating effect on the marine life in our seas, rivers and waterways by entering the food chain.

Portsmouth Music Hub has created a film which explores the impact of nurdles on our environment. It's all part of the Music Hub's year-long environmental campaign which aims to harness the power of music and the arts to encourage every child in Portsmouth to think about the environment and to take steps to improve our planet, both locally and globally.

Nurdles is taken from Portsmouth Music Hub’s songbook ‘One World’

Sue Beckett, Chief Executive of Portsmouth Music Hub said: "Nurdles are not something that we encounter day to day, but the damage that this plastic is having on our environment is significant. Nurdles absorb toxins, they enter our seas and oceans, and are consumed by marine life which damages the natural food chain. Part of the Music Hub's environmental campaign is to draw attention to key issues that are damaging our world, and hopefully, with awareness, we can all take steps to change the way we live our lives.


Southsea beach had a surprise spruce up on Friday (14 September) when the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth joined hundreds of local children for a very special beach clean.

The event marked the launch of Portsmouth Music Hub's 'One World' campaign.

'One World' brings together musicians, composers, performers, dancers, teachers and thousands of children in a year-long festival focussing on the environment and how we can make our planet a cleaner, safer and more sustainable home for future generations and the animals who share our world.

During the year the Music Hub will take music and drama into schools, hold art and poetry competitions and launch a special social media campaign. The year of events will finish on World Environment Day, with a major concert at the Guildhall in Portsmouth on 5 June 2019.

Sue Beckett, Chief Executive of Portsmouth Music Hub said: "Our aims for the One World campaign are two-fold; first of all we want to highlight some of the environmental issues that have an impact on our city, secondly by harnessing the power and impact of music and the arts we're encouraging the next generation of adults to fully embrace life-long environmental principles. Our 'One World' songbook has been composed to inspire children and young people to get involved and take practical action to save the world around them."

At the official launch on Friday at Southsea beach children from nearby schools sang three original songs from the Music Hub's newly composed songbook 'One World'. Fittingly the children sang 'Pollution Revolution', 'Tidy Up the Beach' and 'Nurdles' (the infamous small pellet of plastic that infests our seas). With 17 original songs the songbook, available to schools across the country, aims to change the world one song at a time with music about a whole host of issues including blue whales, plastics, bees and chlorofluorocarbons!

Sarina, aged 8, from Cottage Grove Primary School said: "I really enjoyed the singing and I'm very excited about picking up litter!"

Portsmouth Music Hub have received enthusiastic support for the One World campaign from the teaching community, Portsmouth City Council, Environmental groups and on 28 September the BBC will be filming 1500 young singers from Portsmouth performing the 'One World Song' as part of BBC Music Day.

The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Councillor Lee Mason, who helped with the beach clean said: "We all have a responsibility to preserve and protect our environment, and as Portsmouth is a coastal city the safeguarding of our environment has real resonance. Small changes to the way we live our daily lives can have a positive effect on our planet, whether that's by recycling, taking our rubbish home or by simply switching off a light when it's not in use. This is why I'm delighted to be supporting Portsmouth Music Hub's 'One World' campaign, which will stimulate and encourage us all to protect our city and our planet."



Two concerts were held on Tuesday 17 July to celebrate another year of music-making with Portsmouth Music Hub, providing an opportunity for young musicians to show off their progress to family and friends.

At Mayfield School the audience was treated to vocal performances by the Hub's choirs, Little Voices and Starstruck, with songs such as 'We Will Rock You' and a selection of repertoire from the Greatest Showman. Also performing were the Hub's beginner and junior rock bands, Action Stations and Victory, who played a variety of hits from bands such as Snow Patrol, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica.

At Castle Primary, the audience enjoyed performances from the Hub's instrumental ensembles - Portsmouth Plays, Portsmouth Plays On, and the Channel, Coastal and Ocean Wind Bands.

This concert provided an opportunity to present Lucy Williams, a flautist from the Ocean Wind Band, with a special award for the significant contribution she has made to the wind bands over the years. Lucy has recently passed her Grade 8 Flute examination and is leaving the band to go to university.

Portsmouth Music Hub's Ensembles will return in September 2018.


On 5 July the Wedgewood Rooms were filled with the sounds of aspiring young rock bands from Portsmouth schools and colleges.

'Rock the Rooms' is an annual gig which gives pupils an opportunity to showcase their performing skills in a professional venue. Bands from King Richard School, Portsmouth College and Portsmouth Grammar School took to the stage, as well as Portsmouth Music Hub's senior rock band, The Warriors.

There was a fantastic range of music, from 'Hotel California' by The Eagles to 'The Sky is A Neighbourhood' by the Foo Fighters. Some bands displayed their versatility by performing medleys combining multiple songs in creative ways, and others performed original songs written by the band members themselves.

Portsmouth Music Hub runs three rock bands from beginner to advanced which rehearse weekly during term time. To find out more visit www.portsmouthmusichub.org/ensembles



On Thursday 5 July 2018 the NHS turned 70, and Portsmouth Music Hub celebrated the occasion by training a further 500 pupils in the lifesaving skill of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) using their award winning publication, 'It's CPR'.

With five original songs that explain step by step how to perform CPR, written at the speed that is necessary for giving chest compressions - 100-120 beats per minute - 'It's CPR' has been used to train thousands of pupils in Portsmouth and beyond. Songs such as 'Keep That Heartbeat' and 'CPR Rap' are fun, catchy and memorable, reinforcing the facts about what to do in an emergency and providing pupils with a simple way of ensuring that chest compressions are performed at the appropriate rate.


Under the guidance of the CPR Team, pupils at Copnor Primary and Cottage Grove Primary enjoyed singing the songs, practising their CPR skills on dummies and performing chest compressions in time with the music.

Sue Beckett, CEO of Portsmouth Music Hub, said “We are delighted that thousands of young people have been trained this term using the nationally acclaimed award-winning songs from 'Its CPR'. Huge thanks to our fantastic training team but most of all, congratulations to the young people for their determination, concentration and enthusiasm in learning life-saving skills.”

Those Summer Nights....


On Thursday 14 June pupils from schools across Portsmouth came together to perform in the Portsmouth Music Hub Summer Performance Evening.


From trumpet to ukulele, piano to singing, a huge variety of solo and group performances delighted the assembled audience of family and friends.

The Performance Evenings are held every term and provide an excellent forum for young musicians to celebrate their progress and develop their performance skills.



International Make Music Day was celebrated on 21 June when over one hundred children from local schools joined together to form a massed choir, performing spirituals and gospel songs in a special concert at St. Mary's Church in Portsmouth.


Involving pupils from Milton Park Primary School, Wimborne Junior School and Weyford Nursery and Primary School, the event was presented in partnership with Portsmouth Festivities, which this year celebrated the theme of freedom to mark the centenary of women's suffrage and the hundredth birthday of Nelson Mandela.

As well as the massed choir performing songs such as 'The Gospel Train' and 'Wade in the Water' with a live band, the concert included solo songs from each school as well as readings and poems on the theme of freedom.

Kate Barrett from Portsmouth Music Hub, who conducted the choir, said "It is so important for children to understand and respect the freedoms they enjoy - freedom of choice, freedom of belief, freedom to be themselves - but also to know that with freedom comes responsibility. Learning the words to these songs, and a little about the history behind them, has enabled us all to understand more about our freedoms and how hard people have fought for them throughout history."