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About FolkActive

FolkActive CIC is a folk development organisation which aims to encourage and enable individuals and groups of all ages to become active in the traditional folk arts of southern England, in the belief that involvement in music and dance can improve health and well being, reduce isolation and improve social cohesion.

FolkActive offers workshops, courses and regular social sessions based on our local folk heritage in both educational and community settings, working with a wide variety of individuals and groups, including children and young people, older people, refugees, asylum seekers, people in specific localities and people who simply share a common interest. 


Folk Dance for Schools: FolkActive workshop leaders offer active, relevant and creative dance workshops across the Primary age range including country dancing, maypole, morris, clog, broom and local step dancing. Workshops always use live music and follow up resources are provided..

Workshops linked to school topics: FolkActive workshops can bring school topics to life, whether based around dances from the time of the Great Fire of London, Scottish island kitchen parties, life on board sailing ships, medieval Castles, or seasonal celebrations.

Instrumental workshops and sessions: FolkActive can provide a range of music workshops and sessions including whole class mini melodeon workshops for schools, sessions for small community groups using a mixed range of folk instruments including tin whistles, fiddle and melodeon, and occasional 'Let's Try Folk Fiddle' workshops for teenagers and adults.

Community Folk Orchestra: Southampton Folk Orchestra has over 20 members who play fiddles, recorders, melodeons, guitars, flutes, ukuleles and cellos. Over three terms a year of six or eight sessions, the orchestra develops a repertoire of traditional dance tunes, most of which have local connections, creating its own harmonies and arrangements. The orchestra performs every term, playing at local festivals, folk clubs and community groups.

Hampshire traditions: Linked to local research, FolkActive have developed workshops based on music, songs and dances collected largely from Romany families in the New Forest 100 years ago. Workshops can be adapted for schools and community groups of any age. 

FolkActive CIC
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