Portsmouth Chinese Association

About Portsmouth Chinese Association

Portsmouth Chinese Association was founded in 1980. The association was formed with the aims of uniting the local Chinese community and strengthening their bonds, helping and supporting each other, promoting and upholding Chinese culture and education, organizing healthy social activities and leisure, promoting friendship and harmony among all communities, and promoting the benefit of the inhabitants of Portsmouth City.

Yang Ge, a street parade dance performed by Portsmouth Chinese Dance Group for Chinese New Year's Gala of 2009 at the New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth, UK.


Dancing: We have dancing team and having a dancing class every sunday afternoon between 5pm -7pm.

Chinese School: We have Chinese school, running class on every Sunday at Milton Cross School between 11am-1pm.

Portsmouth Chinese Association
208 Kinston Road
North End
Portsmouth PO2 7LR

Website: portsmouthchinese.org.uk

Tel: 07841 674088