RNIB Music Advisory Service

About the RNIB Music Advisory Service

The Royal National Institute for Blind People's Music Advisory Service supports the music making of blind and partially sighted people, from cradle to grave, from the earliest signs of interest in music to preparing for work in the music profession.

This work includes using music to develop communication skills with children who are visually impaired and have additional difficulties. Access to music notation and music examinations is also covered, along with professional development for those work with young musicians with sight loss.

What we offer

Music and Communication class sessions: Support for class music sessions in schools for pupils with complex needs, based on assessment in Sounds of Intent.

Support for instrumental lessons for pupils who are blind or partially sighted: Advice and support to music tutors leading First Choice and group and individual instrumental lessons, including examining accessible resources (modified and substitutes for stave notation, for example), teaching technique, structuring practice.

Support for GCSE, A level etc for students who are blind or partially sighted: Advice and support to music teachers, and students, on how to present written materials and what to expect in written examinations requested in special formats. Provision of adapted scores for set works and techniques to read these.

Support for early years music making: Support and advice for music tutors and for parents for fully including babies and toddlers who are blind or partially sighted in early years music groups. 

Musical assessments of children and young people who are blind or partially sighted: Visits to children, who are blind or partially sighted, including those with additional difficulties, at home, at school, in private instrumental lessons, in ensembles, to examine music making and discuss strategies for advancing skills and enhancing enthusiasms.

RNIB Music Advisory Service
105 Judd Street
London WC1H 9NE

Website: www.rnib.org.uk/music

Sally Zimmerman
Tel: 07974 396441