Ready 4 Music is Portsmouth Music Hub’s whole-class instrumental and vocal teaching programme.

Schools across the city opt to take part in this programme and Ready 4 Music provides Year 4 classes with weekly instrumental and vocal music lessons led by specialist teachers from Portsmouth Music Service.  

The lessons cover the National Curriculum for Music and enable pupils to develop a wide range of musical skills. The Music Service teacher works in partnership with the class teacher and lessons are team-taught.

Portsmouth Music Hub works in partnership with Charanga using these interactive web-based resources to support all learners participating in Ready 4 Music. These resources can be found on the Portsmouth Music Hub interactive site:

The range of instruments currently available as part of the Ready 4 Music programme include Trumpet, Cornet, Tenor Horn, Violin, Viola,  Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Djembe, Samba and Voice.

Many schools extend the programme into Year 5 and beyond so that children can continue to learn as a whole class after their initial year of learning.  In some schools children opt to continue learning through small-group lessons, joining a school musical ensemble or joining one of Portsmouth Music Hub's ensembles.

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