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Students' requirements have changed so much in the last 10 years. Technology engages us on a multi-sensory level and yet we expect our students to respond to the same age-old teaching practices.

The challenge is to find the right product to enhance our lesson delivery and then find the time to incorporate that into our lessons. Mix Music offers a totally unique package to educationalists. Working with the world's leading manufacturers, Mix Music specialises in understanding your needs, matching products to your specific requirements, then training you to use them. Mix Music takes away the concern of engaging in new technology and allows you to focus on what you do best.

JamPod™ can be installed into an existing music room or area within a classroom or lecture theatre. It features a central student Hub which allows up to six students to input instruments, mics and headphones. The Hub is then connected to the JamPod™ wiring system and JamPod control desk.

Products and services

JamPod™: JamPod™ is installed in classrooms at all key stages and is transforming music education. The project was awarded 'Best Resource in Music Education' in 2013 due to its unique approach to teaching music. All students experience music practically but all sound within the suite is controlled by the tutor, with students hearing what they need to best progress through headphones. JamPod™ schools are supported by on-site support from experienced school music teachers, helping you embrace relevant technologies and teaching practice.

JamClassHD: In our own experience teaching we had found that immediately putting students in front of desktop computers was disengaging many from some of the most important elements of music learning. We wanted to create an environment for the delivery of music theory, production and composition. We wanted this new programme to bridge the excitement of making music practically, with the understanding of how to notate, record and produce the music we are making. We found the iPad offered the perfect platform to deliver the music curriculum across all key stages. We created JamClassHD with iPad at its core to create a learning platform most appropriate for today's music classroom.

Class Taiko: School inset training day – getting you ready to start delivering basic ClassTaiko immediately following your session. The day will include whole staff training for none specialists and specialist teachers, plus you will learn two Taiko pieces to begin your school's journey into this amazing medium. You will also be shown how to start your ClassTaiko journey without drums.

Bespoke project design: We regularly work with schools on specific project design. We are all teachers so we understand what makes a classroom work. We listen to your requirements, assess the space you intend to deliver your program in and supply you with all you need to get cracking. That may be all or any combination of equipment, lesson plans, training & exemplar lesson delivery

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