Sir Scallywag and the Battle for Stinky Bottom

Doughnuts and Baked Beans were on everyone's lips on Monday 18 January, as more than 700 children from schools across Portsmouth came together to sing, dance and enjoy a performance of Sir Scallywag and the Battle for Stinky Bottom at Portsmouth's Guildhall.

The concert, organised by Portsmouth Cultural Trust, Jumpstart and Portsmouth Music Hub, was based on the popular book written by Giles Andreae. It follows six year old Sir Scallywag's quest to find a golden sausage that will make him live forever.

On stage the group Ensemble 360 played music while narrator Polly Ives read the story and sang songs. She was joined by hundreds of children who had been practicing songs and movements in the weeks leading up to the concert.

Sue Beckett, Chief Executive of Portsmouth Music Hub said: "Today has been a great way to engage children and introduce them to professional musicians. It's been about combining literacy with music and fun. But it's not just a one-off experience; the children learn about the book beforehand and will follow it up afterwards."

The children, aged between five and seven, seemed to enjoy every moment of Sir Scallywag's adventures, getting involved with all the songs, including Swamp Troll Boogie Woogie and the unforgettable Doughnuts and Baked Beans.