Portsmouth University Joins 'Live Music Portsmouth'

Live Music Portsmouth came to Cottage Grove Primary School in Portsmouth on Wednesday 9 March.

Live Music Portsmouth brings cultural opportunities to schools in the city, and Portsmouth Music Hub, working together with its Hub Partners, aims to enrich the lives of children and young people with new, exciting and unforgettable workshops and performances.

The children enjoyed some wonderful performances on Wednesday from Portsmouth University Wind Band, with music including Pirates of the Caribbean, Homage to Shakespeare Fanfare, a Medley from Frozen and a stunning rendition of the theme music from Iron Man 3.

Colin Jagger, Director of Music at Portsmouth University said: "This has been a wonderful experience, not only for the University musicians, but for the hundreds of children who have had the chance to enjoy live music close up. We're delighted to be part of 'Live Music Portsmouth', and to be one of the many Hub Partners who are committed to the important work of bringing cultural opportunities into schools."

300 children packed the school hall to watch the Wind band perform. Polly Honeychurch, Headteacher at Cottage Grove said: "Today has been truly inspirational. Music has an important place in all our lives, whether young or old, and giving so many of our children the opportunity see an exciting and enthusiastic band perform adds enormous value to their wider education. Music speaks to everyone, it connects us and broadens our minds, and Portsmouth Music Hub's 'Live Music Portsmouth' campaign will make a real difference to the cultural and educational lives of all the City's children."