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About Howarth of London

Howarth of London is known internationally as a maker of fine oboes, and a leading supplier of woodwind instruments and accessories.

The education department has expertise in teaching, making and playing instruments and can advise about musical progress.

The staff work with experienced music educators around the world and through this can share successful teaching methods, with a focus on the early stages of learning a woodwind instrument.

Howarth have designed a range of instruments in response to the needs of for primary-age beginners.


Woodwind instruments: Howarth of London is a leading supplier of oboes, bassoons, clarinets, saxophones and flutes.

Woodwind accessories and sheet music: Howarth of London offers a wide range of woodwind accessories including graded examination pieces.

Junior Instruments: Howarth has designed a specialized range of Junior Instruments to help children make the best start when learning to play. Keeping a child motivated is an important part of the learning process and providing them with an instrument tailored to their requirements, capabilities and size helps to maintain their excitement for music and accelerate their progression. 

Woodwind rental scheme: The Howarth rental scheme helps you try an instrument at low cost. 

Woodwind repair and servicing: Within Howarth's manufacturing workshop highly trained and experienced technicians repair, service and overhaul instruments or make made-to-measure alterations to customers' specifications. Their services are in great demand and we suggest you call well ahead to book your instrument in.

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