The entrancing sound of Indian drumming could be heard in Portsmouth schools this week as Portsmouth Music Hub celebrated the start of a new partnership with Keda Music.

With a mission to make learning and playing Indian drums accessible and enjoyable for as many members of the community as possible, Portsmouth Music Hub and Keda Music are working collaboratively to provide hands-on learning for students and teachers across the city. This week students at Priory School and Newbridge Junior School have learned the basics of playing Indian tabla drums whilst also teaching about Indian culture. Students were able to share their personal cultural experiences and one student performed on his own dhol drum enabling his friends to have a go as well - a great example of peer to peer learning.

Kuljit Bhamra MBE, who led workshops at Priory School and Newbridge Junior School, said "The students were really attentive and eager to learn about Indian drumming and Indian culture. They worked very hard and learnt lots of special techniques for playing the tabla."

Workshops were held for both students and staff in order to kick start a new tradition of Indian drumming in the city.

William Glasspole, aged 8, said "The drumming was amazing to watch and it was brilliant fun to join in. I loved it!"